Dev Anand’s Song Lyrics

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Dev Anand was an evergreen, and complete actor, A true Indian movie revolutionary, He was born on 26th September 1923 in Gurdaspur of Pubjab, His father Pishori Lal Anand was a advocate, His sister’s name is Sheela Kanta Kapur who was younger than him and the mother of Producer Shekhar Kapoor, His brothers were Manmohan Anand who became advocate, Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand who worked in film industry. After Graduating from Lahore, Dev Anand left his hometown, and shifted to Bombay, where he did a few jobs, After getting inspired by Ashok Kumar, he thought of becoming an actor, he got his first break by Prabhat Film Studios for the movie “Hum Ek Hain”(1946), After that, he acted in the movies like Mohan(1947), Ziddi(1948), “Hum Bhi Insaan hein”(1948), Udhaar(1949) which were hit movies, On 1950 he started his own production after acting on more movies like “Madhubala”(1950), “Nirala”(1950” and more, he produced “Afsar”, although it was a flop. He kept his presence with the hit movies for about 5 decades, Some of the titles are Baazi(1951), “Taxi Driver”(1954), “CID”(1956), “Paying Guest”(1956), “Nau Do Gyarah”(1957), “Kala Bazar”(1960), “Guide”(1965), “Jewel Thief”(1967), “Johnny Mera Naam”(1970)”, “Prem Pujari”(1970), “Heera Panna”(1972), “Warrant”(1975), “Anand Aur Anand”(1984), “Awwal Number”(1990), etc.

On 4th December 2011, This legend passed away, he will be always missed.

Here are some of his lyrics, Enjoy!

1. Khoya Khoya Chaand.

2. Accha Ji Mein Hari.

3. Tere Mere Sapne.

4. Din Dhal Jaye.

5. Rulake Gaya Sapna Mera.