Why is the death of Sushant Singh Rajput so mysterious?

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The sudden demise of the rising Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, shook his country this year in June. There was not even a possibility of thinking about it. Sushant was a fun-loving guy with a positive approach to everything.

The late actor committed suicide around 9 am to 12 am in his bedroom. There are many possible reasons for him committing suicide. Due to media personalities, the truth has been coming out. You would be thinking about why his death is becoming so mysterious? Well, there is a lot of information which is still not disclosed to you. In this article, we will discuss some significant reasons why this case has been becoming mysterious. 

Incomplete initial investigation

When Sushant’s body was discovered, the Mumbai police didn’t take a serious look at it. Many useful proofs were left back without reason. Also, unnecessarily Bollywood personalities were investigated without any connections. This made people guessing different bases for his suicide. Also, no hearing from his flatmates was recorded, which was a big lead to solve his case. This came up to become a highlight of Mumbai police being careless. 

No suicide note

When a person decides to commit suicide, usually, a suicide note is kept by them. But as per the police reports, there was no note or anything which was regarding his suicide. This was the primary reason why this suicide case became a mystery. There are several predictions made by his fans regarding this. Mumbai police are also at the hit point because of their careless investigation on this case. This summed up this entire case, which made it mysterious. 

No major information by his family 

His family is still in shock due to this incident. There is no possible reason for him committing suicide. This is because he was close to his sisters and even his dad. There were confessions to his family members regarding any purpose, which was why he thought about taking this step. According to his family reports, there is no proof of him being in constant sadness. His physiatrist has said that the late actor was suffering from depression for over a year now. After considering all the aspects, it is tough for you to join the dots. This is also a significant reason for this case becoming mysterious. 

Misleading statements by his friends

Statements have been recorded by Mumbai police as well as Patna police on this case. His flatmates have given statements that are entirely wrong or even false. Also, his family members and his friend’s statements are not the same. This is creating a fuss between truth and false. This case is becoming very confusing. Fans have been putting pressure on the police for quick results on this case. Police and media are targeting his girlfriend. The suspicion is due to many proofs and statements against her by his close friends and family members. Due to all this, the death of Sushant Singh Rajput is becoming mysterious. 

Alleged involvement of others

Though a number of people are now suspecting that some big names are involved in this scenario and they have also claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput did not commit suicide but was murdered.

Nonetheless, we hope that the on-going investigation will resolve these concerns.