Bappi Lahiri

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Bappi Lahiri or Alokesh Lahiri was born in 27 November, 1952. He was considered to be one of the most popular music director in the Hindi music. He pioneered the use of disco music in Indian cinema and also sang some of his own compositions. He died on 16 February 2022. He continued to work till the end of his life.

When asked about having “cultivated a particular image of the bejeweled disco king”, his reply was:

“This image of mine came from my idol Elvis Presley. As child I’d look at his posters and pictures and imagine myself cultivating a similar image one day when I became a musician. Today it’s come to a state where Indians at international airports approach me anxiously when they don’t see the chains around my neck to ask me, ‘Where is your jewellery?’ I am proud of the image. All the gold chains around my neck are inscribed with the names of particular deities.”