Sanjeev Kumar

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Sanjeev Kumar, born on July 9, 1938 as Haribhai Jariwalla, he was a theatre actor who, on his way to the top, acted in innumerable swashbuckling roles in C-grade films like Nishan (1965), Smuggler (1966) and Gunhegar (1967). He was first noticed when he crossed historic swords with Dilip Kumar in Sundhursh (1968) and then made filmgoers and critics sit up with his performance as the mad poet in Khilona(1970). Supremely gifted he was equally comfortable in comic roles which he executed with great relish. His first foray into comedy was with Gustakhi Maaf (1969), in which he plays one of the two bemused lover. Later he also acted in hit movies like Seeta Aur Geeta (1972), Nay a Din Nayi Raat (1974), Manoranjan (1974), Apne Rang Hazaar (1975), Sholay (1975), Swarg Narak (1978), Biwi-O-Biwi (1981), among others. Sanjeev Kumar passed away on November 6, 1985, aged less than many of the characters he had played on-screen in his serious movies.